How To Generate Real Guaranteed Leads And Signups

This article will show ways to gain real guaranteed signups and leads. When seeking leads that turn into signups, an important rule to remember is people don’t like being pitched, but people do like being offered value. This is the key to gaining real guaranteed signups and leads.

real guaranteed signups and leads

We will look at proven methods to get signups to your money making affiliate programs:

Create A Brand

FIRST, when seeking real guaranteed signups and leads, it is important to create a brand and build a following. The key is to be active on social media in such a way that gets your offer noticed by the people who will become your leads and signups. What is a brand?

  • A brand is the image and identity for which you and your offer is known.
  • A brand is what people think of when they see your name and your offer.
  • A brand is what needs to be created in order to create a following.

A following is defined in this way:

  • A following is the group of people who are interested in your content.
  • A following is created as a result of your efforts to create a brand.
  • A following is the way that people identify with you and become your enthusiastic fans.

Your following eagerly reads and responds to your branding posts. And when you have a good brand and an enthusiastic following, people will buy from you over and over. It is an important method of generating real guaranteed signups and leads.

Create Engagement

SECOND, when seeking real guaranteed signups and leads, you must post content and ads that create engagement, To post quality content, you need to have a target audience in mind. The target audience is the people group suited for your offer. How do you create quality content that enhances you brand and builds your following?

  • You must thoroughly know your audience.
  • You must learn things about you audience – their needs, fears, aspirations, interests, joys, etc.
  • You must post content that addresses these needs and offer solutions to your audience’s specific problems.

To meet the needs of the target audience, the content needs to be compelling and share-worthy. When your content is shared, it gets exposed to a wider group of people which further builds your brand and grows your audience. To do this,

  • The content needs to be consistent and purposeful, to both brand the offer, and adds value to the life of the audience.
  • The content needs to be designed to draw people in to create engagement.
  • The content needs to be posting that reaches out to this target audience with the purpose of meeting their needs, addresses their expectations, and solves their problems.

Posts can be both short or long, such as an engagement question, or an in-depth article about a problem and how to solve it. When posting targeted quality content, you will receive real guaranteed signups and leads.

Turn Leads Into Buyers

THIRD, you need to practice good follow-up. To turn leads into buyers or signups, you must practice effective followed-up. Each comment or response (e.g. providing contact information) needs to be answered.

  • This enhances the content with additional quality and value.
  • This affirms the value of the audience.
  • This increases the likelihood of a person buying into your offers and services.

It is a good idea to bring your leads and contacts into a central place in which you do your business, such as a Facebook group and Messenger chat group. Even if you made initial contact with your lead in places like LinkedIn or Twitter, or paid ads, you should follow-up with them to bring them into your main marketing sphere. Followup can be done in various ways, which includes:

  • If using a paid ad strategy, you need to have your ad properly connected to your autoresponder email series.
  • If using a free strategy, you can gain the lead’s contact information through your conversations with them.
  • If using both paid or free strategies, it is a good idea to set up a call with the prospect.

People need multiple contacts to make a decision, proper follow-up ensures real guaranteed signups and leads.

This article has addressed ways to gain real, guaranteed signups and leads. Using these proven methods will help you get signups to your money making affiliate programs.

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