How Do Guaranteed Sign-ups Work?

If you’re in the MLM lead business, then you’ve likely read or heard of a little service called “Guaranteed Sign-ups” that can help to bring in clients to your business online. But did you know that there are two different methods to the guaranteed sign-ups?

I will attempt to explain both, which I’ve simply categorized as the “bad” way and the “good” way.

guaranteed sign ups

First, the “Bad” method:

A company actually hires about a thousand or so people as their members, whom are actually paid to sign up. This pay is usually within a range of about .10 to .15 and is rewarded to the member as long as the member finishes their sign up task.

So let’s pause for a moment and think about what this really means. Well, what it means is that these members, whom have signed up, are what we consider NON-MOTIVATED prospects, and that they are actually signing up for the purpose of making that .10.

Picture implementing a useless service like this in order to fuel your business.

Its quite risky and makes it highley unlikely that you’ll reach your ideal outlook through this method. Sadly its the most popular, yet most inefficient way to forge a downline.

Now for the “Good” method:

The company gathers leads that are:
A) Opted-in leads (that is, they made the choice to join and are not paid to)
B) Express an interest in the online business or service being presented to them.

After producing the leads, they inform them that they are going to join an MLM company and that they’ll be contacted soon via a representative.

Last, those peoples’ information will be submitted to the targeted MLM company and will become a downline.

This is, by far, a much more successful method of gaining potential clients because:

A) The guaranteed sign-ups are way more receptive
B) The leads actually express interest in joining you.

So if marketing really is a “numbers game” which would you prefer? Thousands of people that are paid to be members, who have little to absolutely NO INTEREST in your business? Or about a 100 interested members in your downline, who are more likely to become your active downline?  is one of these companies that support the successful way – giving you guaranteed sign-ups.

We’ve been aiding MLM lead companies and small home based businesses for years and use a secure tracking and browsing system to bring interested eyes to your business. Plus, we have a solid website that is very user friendly; not to mention informative, an online blog that’s updated weekly (and allows questions and comments with a full-time admin),

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