How to Turn $10 into $9333 a Month FREE?

You see, many people want success, or feel like they deserve success. Few people actually take action to achieve it. Since you are reading this now, we know you have searched, watched, read, filled out and clicked your way through web forms to get here.

GDI is a fortune 500 company based out of Calabasas Ca and had been in business since 1999. GDI (Global Domains International) is ranked top 50 of the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies and 37th Fastest growing privately held company in United States. It is also one of the top 5 fastest growing companies in California.

The GDI (Global Domains International) program offers you the opportunity to personally sponsor an unlimited number of direct referrals. Membership in GDI is $10 per month. As the sponsor, you are entitled to $1 per month from all members in your organization up to 5 levels deep. Over time, you can build a residual income from this business that requires, No Inventory, No money handling, No product shipping, No Ordering, no employees and no sale skill required.

Sam Byars had worked out the idea of Collective Recruiting, a method of teamwork that has accelerated the success of Global Success Team. At the time, Sam had shared his ideas with many others in the network marketing industry; soon many other organizations took his ideas and started implementing Collective Recruiting with their own programs.

The Goal of everyone in Global Success Team achieve 6X6 matrix which yields a 6 figure yearly income. Based on GDI’s calculator, if you have a 6×6 organization, you would have a monthly income total of $9333. So 6 was chosen as the basis for the team, every team member recruit for one member at a time, when that member receives 6 sign ups, they are removed from the rotator and everyone on the list moves up. All members’ even ones that are removed from the list advertise for the next member. Members are also encouraged to market their personal GDI links so they can get their business a head start.

To Get each member 6 GDI sign ups is the goal of everyone in GST. The advertising pages pointed to the signup page of the member at the top of the URL rotator and when the member recruit 6 signups, he/she is removed from the list and the advertising moves to the new member on top of the list. Members rotate through positions until they are in the first position, and then they rotate out of the list once they have their 6.

The Collective Recruiting concepts benefits both members who can recruit and who does not recruit on their own. Team members that have their own signups will grow their organization faster because they will have more people on the list. Global Success Team has always promise to deliver and help everyone to get 6 sign ups. Those who are not good at sponsoring will be getting 6 via Collective Recruiting. Those that can recruit or already had 6 will achieve their goals much faster.

Everything that I mentioned above is only $10 and Global Success Team is the only team that does not charge for training materials, team forum, rotators, etc. Everyone else when you join, there are programs other then GDI that you should join and the total cost sometimes go up to at least $60 or $70. Its just not feasible to everyone. Also Global Success Team offers FREE GDI membership trails.

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