Get MLM Leads And Signups

The key to make sales in an MLM business is to get MLM leads and signups, and this is the reason many network marketers want to know how to get leads in MLM. If you want to know the same, then there are a myriad of ways in which you can get leads. You can find numerous free and low-cost places to get MLM on the internet that will continue to bring in potential customers.

get mlm leads and signups

1. Set up a marketing blog or website: If you do not know how to get leads and signups in MLM, then the best thing you can do is set up a marketing blog or website. You can get leads through your autoresponder content or newsletter using a squeeze page. This way, your leads will comprise of more targeted traffic.

2. Submit free press releases: Another way to generate leads if you do not know how to get leads in MLM is to create and submit press releases to various online press release directories. Never forget to mention all the key traits of your business, product or service in a press release. Leave a link to your mailing list at the bottom of every press release. This way, you will get a lead whenever someone joins your mailing list.

3. Set up social networking profiles: Another way of getting leads for a network marketing program is by setting up social-networking accounts. Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are some of the social-networking sites where you can create a social-networking profile. You will simply have to fill in your profile with relevant information about yourself and specify information regarding the products or services you are marketing. The largest amount of leads can be generated through social-networking sites since a substantially large number of people are registered at these sites.

4. Create YouTube videos: If you have no clue how to get MLM leads and signups, then you can even create a video about your product or service and upload it on YouTube. Interested viewers who watch your video will follow the link to your mailing list that you leave in the description, and you will start generating leads through YouTube.

5. Use an auto-responder service: Leads for a network marketing program can also be generated if auto-responder services are incorporated on blogs and websites. Collecting, managing and responding to the names and email addresses of network marketing leads can become a lot easier with the help of auto-responder services. GetResponse, Response-O-Matic and SendFree are some of the places where you can sign up for free auto-responders. Another way of you can prepare yourself for the leads is to customize the introduction and welcome messages. The code of the opt-in form of the auto-responder site should be placed in the HTML enabled sections of blogs and websites.


Generating leads might not be a complicated task, but it can turn out to be a bit difficult, especially for those who do not know. There is no harm if you do not know how to get MLM leads and guaranteed signups; by following these tips you will find it easier to generate leads.

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